The organisation of judging in the NZ Camellia Society is carried out by the Senior Judging Panel.
Members can become Associate Judges by applying through their branches and then attending appropriate seminars. 
Associate Judges can become Accrediated Judges after appropriate judging experience and by recommendation from the Senior Judging Panel. 
To assist judges a Current Camellia Nomenclature can be obtained from the Treasurer. This gives details of all camellias that are commonly found on show benches. 

Each year a number of judging seminars are held. When the dates for the seminars come to hand they will be shown here.

A new set of Judging Procedures is now available. Branch Secretaries have copies. They will be available on line shortly. It is hoped that all branches run their local shows using the revised Judging Procedures. 

Camellia Forms
One row of not over eight regular, irregular or loose petals and conspicuous petals eg Sanpei

Semi Double 
Two or more rows of regular, irregular or loose petals and conspicuous petals eg Frank Houser Var 

One or more rows of large outer petals lying flat or undulating; the centre of a convex mass of intermingled petals, petaloids and stamens in centre eg Elegans Supreme 

A deep, rounded flower of the following forms
Loose peony form - loose petals which may be irregular, and intermingled stamens and sometimes intermingled petals, petaloids and stamens in the center
Full peony form - convex mass of mixed irregular petals, petaloids and stamens or irregularly petals and petaloids never showing stamens 
eg Anticipation Var 

Rose Form Double
Imbricated petals, showing stamens in a concave center when fully opened eg Miss Rebecca 

Formal Double
Fully imbricated, many rows of petals, never showing stamens.
eg Valentine Day 

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