Growing Camellias

Camellias grow well in most conditions and provide quality blooms of varying sizes, shapes, and colour.

A Camellia Guide lists those camellias that produce the best results, and identifies those that are available from two nurseries. 

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Camellia Guide Revised 251017


               Reticulata Frank Houser Variegated

Growing and Showing Camellias

Hints on how to grow and show camellias is in Harvey Howard's publication "Growing and Showing Camellias".

Howard is one of our most experienced members and consistently grows magnificent blooms and over the years 

has won many prizes at our annual shows including 12 Champion Blooms of the Show spread since 1998.

If you follow his advice you too will grow healthy camellias and if you are interested in showing your blooms

you too could be a winner. 

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Growing and Showing Camellias 

New Zealand Raised Camellias

The registration list for New Zealand Raised Camellias is now available.
Click on the link below
New Zealand Registrations.

If you have raised a new variety of camellia you can register it.
The registration form for new varieties can be downloaded.

Registration Form for New Zealand Registrations

Propagation Methods 

New plants can be done at home. Here are 2 methods that you could use.

Air Layering

Cleft Grafting

For more details on the growing of camellias contact the local Branch Secretary

who will be able to assist you.

Judging Camellias

The New Zealand Camellia Society has annual shows in different locations each year.

 If you are interested in becoming a judge click on the link below

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