New Zealand Registrations

This page is dedicated to the flowers that have been registered in New Zealand since 1961.
For a list of the registrations


If you have raised a new variety of camellia you can register it. There are rules associated with registering camellias. See below for these rules.
The registration form for new varieties can be downloaded. Please fill in the form and email the registrar who will help you in the procedure.

Registration Form for New Zealand Registrations

Registrations and photos. Click on year to see the registrations. There are missing photos. As they are found they will be added.

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Rules for naming camellias

Cultivar name

Note: This information is extracted from the guidelines codified over the years by the International Society for Horticultural Science.
 * Must not have been used previously. The entire ICS Register is now on-line, so checking will be easy.
 * Use of Latin is barred. This is reserved for Species.
 *  Use of the common names of other plants is barred, except where it is the name of a person or even possibly a place. For example, ‘Rambling Rose’ would be invalid, but ‘Rose Smith’ would be valid if it is the name of a person.

*  Names should be no more than 10 syllables and 30 letters total.
*  Use of words such as cross, strain, hybrid, sport, improved, and selection are barred.
 *  Should be sufficiently different from existing names, so as not to cause confusion. For example, ‘Snowcloud’ was rejected as being too close to ‘Snow Cloud’.

*  Honorifics such as Professor, Senator, and so on are required to be written in full. However, an exception is allowable in the case of Doctor. This may be spelled as Dr or Doctor in the first publication, but whichever form is used must always be retained thereafter.
 * The word "variegated" should be spelled in full to avoid confusion with variety.
 *  Names may be invented words or acronyms, such as ‘Lasca Beauty’ (Lasca = Los Angeles State & County Arboretum).

*  No names with offensive connotations may be used.

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