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Watch for - 1. Leaf roller caterpillars. If necessary spray with Thuricide, Target, Orthene, or Carbaryl.
2. Scale. Use summer oil plus Maldison.
3. Aphids. Spray with Target, Orthene, Thuricide.
4. Thrips. Spray with Target, Maldison, etc.
5. Lichen. Spray with Copper Oxychloride.
6. Petal or Flower Blight. Make sure you pick up and dispose of safely, blighted blooms & spray ground & plant with a fungicide.
Do not put in the compost!


Good stock plants are most essential for grafting. Choose scions (cuttings) that are ready for grafting or that are available. Cover the grafted plant & keep out of sun.


If you are applying fertiliser every eight to ten weeks, check when you last fertilised.

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