Harvest the seeds when the pods start to crack and plant as soon as possible. Do not allow them to dry out. Plant in damp sphagnum moss and place in the hot-water cupboard; in this way you gain a year in plant growth. A taproot should form and 
when it grows to about two to three cms (1 inch) snip the end off and plant out, preferably in a small container until white roots develop.


Continue watering if necessary. This applies particularly to fresh plantings as it takes a year or two for a plant to develop it's roots.


If a plant is to be shifted, prepare some weeks ahead if possible by wrenching to allow the roots to start to heal, and prune the top to compensate for root damage.


Some disbudding may be beneficial on the larger camellias to get better, bigger blooms, especially where buds have formed in a cluster. This does not apply to the small leafed, floriforus plants.


If you are feeding every eight to ten weeks, check when you last fertilised your plant.

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