Champion Blooms of the Show

The Champion Blooms of the National Show New Zealand Camellia Society

Bethwaite Memorial Trophy
This is awarded for the Best Bloom at the National Show. This tray was donated by the Wanganui Branch, in memory of Mr F. H. Bethwaite. He was a foundation member of the society, a member of the council and a stalwart member of the Wanganui Branch. He died suddenly shortly before the 1961 National Show, held in Wanganui. The Branch donated the trophy soon afterwards.

2023 Dr Colin Crisp Rita Verry
2022 Dr Clifford Parks Sue and Murray Owen
2021 Roger Hall Kathy Phillips
2019  Spring Daze Derek and Jenny Beard
2018 Jamie   Derek and Jenny Beard
2017 Ruta Hagmann Harvey Howard
2016 Black Magic Kerry and Alan Upson
2015 Margaret Hilford   Kerry Smith
2014 Ruta Hagmann Dianne and Harvey Howard
2013  Frank Houser Var Derek and Jenny Beard
2012 Sir Robert Muldoon Dianne and Harvey Howard
2011 Winters Own Dianne and Harvey Howard
2010 Frank Houser Var Dianne and Harvey Howard
2009 Ruffian Dianne and Harvey Howard
2008 Sleeping Beauty Ailsa James
2007 Ruta Hagmann Dianne and Harvey Howard
2006 Nuccio’s Carousel Dianne and Harvey Howard
2005 Ruta Hagmann Dianne and Harvey Howard
2004 Yours Truly Dianne and Harvey Howard
2003 Dr Clifford Parks Jill Gray
2002 John Hunt Ailsa James
2001 Woodford Harrison M Rolston
2000 Raspberry Glow Margaret and Leo Mangos
1999 Margaret Hilford Dianne and Harvey Howard
1998 Wildfire Dianne and Harvey Howard
1997 Elegans Champagne June Newson
1996 Hulyn Smith Andrew Iles
1995 Margaret Hilford Dr David McIlroy
1994 Moutancha Mrs V Cave
1993 S P Dunn E and J Hansen
1992 S P Dunn J and J Hindmarsh
1991 Dr Clifford Parks Mr and Mrs R Roberts
1990 Frank Pursel Mrs V Joyce
1989 Harold L Paige M and L Rolston
1988 Harold L Paige H and V Cave
1987 Moutancha T and A Devereux
1986 Pavlova H and V Cave
1985 Terrell Weaver Mrs N Turner
1984 Dr Clifford Parks Mrs C Turnbull
1983 Howard Asper A and G Elliot
1982 Terrell Weaver R and S Bambery
1981 Wildfire J and H Rolfe
1980 Twilight J and D Hansen
1979 Lasca Beauty H and V Cave
1978 Dixie Knight O and J Moore
1977 Dr Clifford Parks N G Haydon
1976 Howard Asper H and V Cave
1975 Glowing Embers (seedling) A H Burwell
1974 Dr Clifford Parks N G Haydon
1973 Purple Gown E and S Perrott
1972 William Hertrich Mrs M Coker
1971 Janet Clark Dr N Wilson
1970 Elegans Supreme C R Spicer
1969 Water Lily F Jury
1968 Grand Jury Mrs I Wood
1967 Display Only
1966 Guest of Honor Miss P M Bates
1965 Guilio Nuccio C R Spicer
1964 Captain Rawes Mrs A E Cockerell
1963 Captain Rawes Mrs H McKail Geddes
1962 Debbie L E Jury
1961 Phil Doak R Young

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