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                                                                          2018 BRANCH PROGRAMME 

Please note that all Branch meetings will be on Monday afternoons at 2.00pm at the Presbyterian Church, 43 Ngaio Road, Waikanae. 


November 19 Annual bus trip - to the Manawatu

December 3   Annual General Meeting and Christmas Social  - 6.30 pm for 7.00 pm - Plateau Centre, Woodlands,                                           Parkwood Retirement Centre, Waikanae

                                                                          ANNUAL SHOW 

                                                          WAIKANANE COMMUNITY CENTRE

                                                                 SATURDAY 25 AUGUST 2018

The show was open from 10.30 am to 3.30 pm on a fine and sunny day.   The blooms on display were of different colours, sizes, species, in different classes, and most were in good condition.    There were two general classes Open and Novice and just over two hundred were in the Open Class.   The trophy and the top certificate winners along with their outstanding blooms were displayed on the "Top Table".   The awards were presented by our Branch President Paul Bevan.  


                                                        The blooms in all their splendor across four rows 

Panorama Trophies 2018

             The Top Table displaying the outstanding blooms of the show along with their trophies and certificates


    The Bloom of the Show, an outstanding Nicky Crisp,              The Champion Bloom in the Novice class was a Red        was won  by Merle Stevenson, along with its winning                      bloom (Crimsdon Red King) and was won by                              Premier Certificate in its Class                                                               Margaret Monks   


       Showing the Best white bloom won by Gabrielle McCardle with Shira Yuki , and three of the Premier Blooms in                 their class won by Pam and Brian Hartley, with Sanpei Tsubaki,  Gabrielle McCardle with Edith Mazzei, and                             and Pam and Brian Hartley, with Brian  

Panorama Homours 2018

    The Honours Bloom Table displaying those blooms along with their Certificates from both the Open and Novice                                            Classes which were considered for higher awards, but did not quite make it    


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