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                                                                          2017 BRANMCH PROGRAMME 

Please note that all Branch meetings for 2017 will be on Monday afternoons at 2.00pm at the Presbyterian Church, 43 Ngaio Road, Waikanae.       Benching blooms from 1.30pm.  Tea and coffee will be provided (gold coin donation appreciated).

August 7       Camellia Culture -  Guest Speaker      In-House Competeition:  Hybrids and Reticulatas 

August 11  -  13 National Camellia Show in  Rotorua

August 19      Kapiti's annual Camellia Shoiw

September 4  Guest Speaker - Jess Winchester    Royal Forest and Bird;  What we do, why we matter

                       In-House Competition Reticulatas

October 2       Guest Speaker - Rob Cross (KCDC)    Restoring Kapiti's Biodiversity

October 15     Spring Garden Visit (with afternoon tea) to the home of Gary Phillips in Levin between 2.00 pm amd 4.00 pm

                                                                   ANNUAL CAMELLIA SHOW 2017    

                                                                 WAIKANAE COMMUNITY CENTRE

                                                                          SATURDAY 19 AUGUST

 The show was open from 10.00 am to 3.30 pm.    256 blooms were exhibited in the Open, Novice and Special classes, and they presented a coolurful sea  of colour, sizes and species.     They were judged on the Friday night and arising out of that the Champion Bloom of the Show,the  Champion Novice Blooms and other top blooms were selected out of 29 different classes.   Those blooms were exhibited on the Top Table with their Trophies and Certificates.

            Panorama Kapiti Trestles Nth

                                                                     The blooms spread over three rows


           Panorama Kapiti Top Table No 1

                                  The Top Table with the honours blooms (to the left) and the Trophy winners (right)


 The Champion Bloom of the Show was a Hybrid, an oustanding Cinnamon Cnidy, a light pink miniature bloom,  won by Helen Guthrie a member of the Kapiti Branch .  She was presented with the Kapiti Camellia SocietyCoast Trophy.   The bloom was one of three of a kind, and was the only entry entered by her.    The bloom  also won the Premier Any Partenage Class and was also presented with the The Guthrie Trophy.    Helen is congratulated on acheiving those excellent results.  


                                                               The Champion Bloom of the show 

   The  Champion Novice Class Bloom of the show was a Magnificent Red bloom named Jim Hansen and was won by a member of the public, Ann Goble.   She was presented with the Kapiti Coast Camellia Society Trophy.    She also won the Best Novice Red Bloom in its class, and received a Society's Certificate.  Ann is  congratulated on achieving those  excellent results.  

 As a matter of interest the bloom was NZ Registered by Jim Hansen in 1997.  Jim was a lomg standing member of our Branch and served on the executive at both the National and Branch levels.  He was a patron of our Branch for the past eight years.  Sadly he past away earlier this year. 

                     Img 0001

                                                                     The winning Champion Novice Bloom

 In each of the three main species Japonica, Hybrid and Reiculata the Premiser Blooms were selected.   In the Japonica the Bloom was Sanpei Tasbaki (right) won by Pam and Brian Hartley, in the Hybrid Gay Baby by Robyn Dineen (centre) and the Reticulata Crimson Robe (left) by Paul and Mary Beavan.  They were presented with their trophies and certificates.       


                                                            The three wining blooms, their Trophies and Certificates


                                                                             2017 NATIONAL SHOW 

                                                                          Rotorua, Saturday 12 August

  937 bloom were exhibited in both the Open, Novice and Special Classes.   In their different colours, sizes, shapes and species they presented a great display.  Given the adverse weather (rain and wind) leading up to the show the blooms on show were nevertheless of a very high standard. 

 Members of our Branch John Clarke and Dale Williams  won a first prize in the Open Clsas with a Japonica three blooms, medium, same variety, with Brushfield's Yellow.   And she was also presented with a Society's Certificate.   In addition, Ann won a second with a Hybrid, white medium bloom, and gained third with a Japonica three medium blooms, different varities.   John and Dale are congratulated on acheiving those very good results.   

                                                John's Winning Blooms

                                                                               The three winning blooms                                                                                     



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