Reticulata  Frank Houser Variegated

         Kapiti Branch Waikanae    

                      Branch Executive

Branch President

Lesley Gillespie
39 Kohekohe Road, Waikanae 5036
Ph: 021960294
Email: [email protected]


Margaret Monks 

35 Horopito Road, WAIKANAE 5036

Ph: 04 902 4797

Email: [email protected]


               Branch Programme 


All Branch meetings will be on Monday afternoons at 2.00 pm at the Presbyterian 

Church Centre Hall, 43 Ngaio Road, Waikanae, unless otherwise stated. 


  •       1.30pm to 1.55pm    In-house competition:  Camellias any variety    Non-members 

                are cordially invited to attend and if they have camellias in their garden they are 

                encouraged to bring their blooms of any colour and variety from their garden and

                enter them in the Novice Class.   There will be a member available to assist

  •      2.00pm to 2.25pm    All classes will be judged, and winning blooms will be awarded

               1st, 2nd or third prize    

  •      2.00pm to 2.30pm    In-house matters including a presentation of the plants of the

               month followed by questions    

  •      2.30pm to 3.00pm    Afternoon tea or coffee (gold coin donation appreciated), along 

               with social interaction.   There will also be a raffle with a number of prizes, a sales 

               table with a variety of  items, and a library of camellia and associated books

  •      3.00pm to 4.00pm   A Guest Speaker on a wide range of topics after which there will 

               be an opportunity to ask questions             

The Branch continues with its meetings, and for 2021 they are -   

May 3                Guest Speaker:  Tricia Noble-Beasley, "Noble Estate - a family 

                          owned olive grove":  In-house competition: Camellias any 


June 1               Winter luncheon and Special General meeting to approve the 

                          Branch's accounts, Plateau Centre, Parkwood Retirement 

                          Village, Waikanae.  Guest Speaker:  Gus Evans In-house 

                          competition: Camellias any species

July 5                Guest Speaker:   Peter Gillespie "The wicked and pernicious 

                          weed- a brief history of hops" 

August              National Camellia Show and Convention - Tauranga.  Details 

13 to 16            on the National Show web page. 

August 21         Unfortunately, the branch's annual show was cancelled again

                           due to a Covid 19 level 4 lockdown.                             

September 6    This meeting was also cancelled due to Covid restrictions.   

                          Instead the branch conducted a virtual photographic competition

                          for all members.   Details of this including winners with photos follow                                         

September 14  Garden visits, this too was cancelled due to Covid to Woodhaven Gardens 

                          Levin, Ruth and Gary's 

October 1         Guest Speaker:  Margaret Monks and Simon Read "Inspirational 

                          Gardens around the world".  In-house competition:  Camellias 

                          any species       

November 1     2.00pm to 4.00pm, Garden Visit: Guided garden walk with Kevin 

                          Pritchard,  Chief of Grounds, at Midlands Retirement Village, 

                         Trent Drive (off Milne Drive), followed by afternoon tea 

    403 Dr Colin Crisp

                                                          Hybrid Dr Colin Crisp          

         Branch's Virtual Photographic Competition 

     This was held in lieu of a cancelled branch meeting on Monday 6 September

     The requirements were for entrants to take a photographs of their blooms in

     a receptacle on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 September and email them to the

                                co-ordinator by 9.00am on Monday 6

        The rules permitted two blooms in each of the three species (Japonica,  

             Hybrid and Reticulata) with a maximum of six blooms overall  

     There were 22 blooms including a number of outstanding ones entered 

                                                    by seven entrants

David who judged the blooms commented that it was a worthy and rewarding  

 competition, and was impressed by the excellent photography.   Each of the 

                          three species were judged 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.   

 For Japonicas the 1st was Antarctic Star by Pam & Brian, 2nd Lesley with San Dimas,

    and 3rd = were Lesley and Margaret  with Tinsie Bokuhan and Maroon & Gold 

Antractic Star

                              Antartic Star                                                        

San Dimas

                              San Dimas

For Hybrids 1st = were Peggy Burton and Water Lily by Pam & Brian and 3rd was

                               Sweet Jane by Alison and Dirk 

Peggy Burton)

                                 Peggy Burton

Water Lily

                                       Water Lily 

For Reticulata 1st =  were Lesley with Chrysanthemum Petal and Pam & Brian 

        with Rita Hagman, and 3rd was Brian with Frank Houser Variegated

Chrysanthemum Petal

Ruta Hagman

                                 Rita Hagman 

          The overall winner was Peggy Burton by Pam & Brian      

Peggy Burton)


Overall it was a very successful first virtual photograph competition.   All the entries 

     were worthy contenders with some excellent blooms.    And all the winners are 

 congratulated on their results.    With some fine tuning to the rules we hope to have 

                             the competition again maybe some time next year.              


          Friday 20 - Saturday 21 AUGUST 2021                           

                Unfortunately, this was cancelled due 

                   to a level 4 Covid lockdown 


                           413 Henrys Surprise 3

                                                      Henry's Surprise

                       NATIONAL SHOW AUGUST 2021

    The annual National Show was held on Saturday 

                         14 August in Tauranga.  

The blooms stood out in their varying sizes, colours, 

                                  and species.  

The Champion Bloom of the Show was an outstanding 

Roger Hall,   a Japonica, by Cathy Phillips, Western Bay 

                                   of Plenty.  

                 Cathy is congratulated on this result.   

Lady luck was on our side because had it been on the following

       weekend it would have been cancelled due to a 

                             Covid 19 lockdown.   


              Img 2211

                                                  The winning bloom 










San Dimas

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