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Regrettably the National Camellia Show in August 2020 has been cancelled due to Covid-19    

Branch Executive

Paul Bevan
2 Rata Street, Waikanae 5036
 Ph 04 293 3555
 Email: [email protected]

 Secretary Lesley Gillespie
39 Kohekohe Road
 Waikanae 5036
 ph 021 960 294
 Email:  [email protected]

Branch Programme 


All Branch meetings will be on Monday afternoons at 2.00 pm at the Presbyterian Church, 43 Ngaio Road, Waikanae unless otherwise stated. For those at Ngaio Road, in-house matters will be dealt with first followed by tea or coffee (gold coin donation appreciated) usually around 2.30 pm. Our guest speaker should commence by 3.00 pm and be finished by 4.00 pm.

Each meeting will have in-house Camellia competitions of any variety. Non-members are cordially invited to bring your blooms of any variety from your garden in the colours of white, pink, red, and variegated, and three of the same or three different blooms, and enter them in the Novice Class between 1.30 pm and 1.55 pm.  Names are not required but name if you can. A member will be available to assist you. The Classes will be judged and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places awarded. 

If you are not able to bring any blooms, you will still be made very welcome to any of our branch meetings. You will see from the speakers a wide range of subjects is covered. If you have any questions about camellias or other plants bring them along with you. There will also be a sales table and a raffle at each meeting.

Now that we are in level 1 with Covid-19 the Branch will be reopening with its first meeting on Monday 6 July

July 6           Guest Speaker: John Bongiovanni "Busting Bonsai Myths"   

                     In-house competition: Camellia any species

August  3     Guest Speaker:  Prof Vince Neal "Off the beaten track in Europe"   

                     In-house competition: Camellia any species

August 22    A Mini Camellia Show will be held In the Ngaio Road hall, and it will be open to members only.  Benching will be between 9.45 am and 11.15 am, and Judging between 11.20 am until 12.25 pm.  It will be open for viewing from 12.30 pm.   There will be a finger food lunch at 1.00 pm  after which there will be a visit to a local garden.  




The show was held on a very Saturday afternoon from 12.30 pm to 3.45 pm.   Notwithstanding the rain a large number of our members and members of the public attended.   There were many outstanding blooms exhibited by those who entered both in the Novice and Open Classes in their differing colours, shapes, sizes and species.  They looked spectacular and presented a sea of colour. 

All of the 260 blooms were judged in the morning with awards going to the top blooms in each class along with the Premier Blooms from which the Champion Bloom of the show and the Best Novice Class were awarded.    Those very good blooms that did not make the top table were awarded "Honour's Bloom" Certificates. 

Panorama Kapiti Hall Layout 2019

                                       The blooms exhibited in their different classes, colours and sizes.       

                                        PREMIER BLOMS                                                  

            Premier Open Bloom Kapiti Show 17 8 19


From the left, the three Premier Blooms, as well as Frank Houser Variegated, were also awarded trophies.  They were won by Rosemary Shivnan with a Hybrid Jury's Yellow, John Clarke and Dale Williams with Specified Parentage Onetia Holland, Pam and Brian Hartley with a Japonica with Royal Velvet and with a fourth a Recticulata Frank Houser Variegated.   From those four Premier Blooms, the Champion Bloom of the Show was selected.  It was Pam and Brian's very good Frank Houser Variegated.    It has taken many years for them to achieve that result. 

Everyone is congratulated on their excellent results.

                             CHAMPION BLOOM OF THE SHOW   

                                  Brian Champion Bloom & Trophies 2019

          Pam and Brian's two trophies with the Champion Bloom, the confirmatory Certificate and the bloom (at the top), and part of the Premier Trophy                                                                                                   (at the bottom)                       


                Presentation Winner Trophies 2019 (2)

From the left Pam, Paul Bevan (Branch President) and Brian after they had been presented with the Champion Bloom of the Show Trophy and Certificate at the presentation ceremony during the show.

                                        BEST BLOOMS 

Pam and Brian also won a Trophy for the Best bloom of NZ Origin with a Japonica Takanini, an Honours Bloom Certificate with Sanpei-Tsubaki, a 2nd and 3rd in different classes.

Dale and John also won a Trophy for the Best White bloom with Onetia Holland, a 1st with Cinamon Cindy, and two 2nd's and 3rd's in different classes.   

Rosemary also won three 1st's with Elegans Champayne, Dreamboat, and three different with Dream Boat, Nicky Crisp and Jury's Yellow, and two 2nd's and two 3rd's in different classes

Robyn Dineen won a Trophy with a small bloom Snippet and a 2nd in a different class

Everyone is congratulated on achieving those excellent results    

                            BEST NOVICE BLOOM OF THE SHOWOVICE BLOOM 

The Best Novice Class Bloom was won by Geoff Osgood with an outstanding Japonica Pink Bloom, Nuccio's Pink Lace.  He is congratulated on achieving that result.

                                Novice Best Bloom Kapiti Show 17 8 19

             In addition, Geoff also won the Best of Three Blooms, and he is congratulated on that excellent result 


It was from those four blooms that the Best Novice Bloom was selected.   From the left, The Champion Novice Bloom Nuccio's Pink Lace won by Geoff Osgood, the Best Pink Bloom also Nuccio's Pink Lace by Geoff Osgood,  the Best White Bloom Brushfield's Yellow by Lis Cottam, and the Best Red bloom Nick Carter by Shane Carter.  

Liz also won two 2nd's and a 3rd in different classes

All are congratulated on achieving those excellent results

                                                    JUNIOR CLASS

This class was for a photograph of one of more Camellias and was designed to appeal to School Children between the ages of 6 to 16 years.

The winning photograph was taken by a local 12-year-old girl

Our congratulations go to the winner for an excellent and well-thought-through design and photograph 

                                                 Photo Stand A Lone 2019 (2)


24 AUGUST 2019

A very successful show with four of our members winning trophies and three others with a variety of places in their classes. 

Magaret Monks won the Best Novice Bloom with an outstanding Sweet Emily Kate.

In the Open Class, Brian and Pam Hartley won two trophies for the best bloom of NZ Origin with a very good Peggy Burton, and the best Doak Hybrid with Brian.  And a Certificate for the best bloom bred by Neville Haydon (a former Patron, breeder of camellias and a long-standing member of both the Society and Auckland Branch) also with Peggy Burton, as well as another 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in different classes.

They are congratulated on achieving those excellent results. 

         Margaret & Brian

                   Margaret showing the Best Novice Bloom Trophy and Brian the best bloom of NZ Origin Trophy

Our best result overall was by Rodger Aitchinson who won two trophies for the three best Hybrid blooms of the same variety with Peggy Burton, and for the best Retctiulata Yunan Bloom with Chrysanthemum Petal, two Honours Bloom Certificates with Sport of Fasionata and Bella Romana along with another 1st and three 3rd's in different classes. 

Rodger is congratulated on achieving those excellent results.

           Rodger Nat 3 Blms Trophy 2019 (2)

                                                   One of Rodger's trophies, Certificate, and Peggy Burton 

John Clarke and Dale Williams won three 2nd places and a third, and Paul and Mary Bevan a 3rd.  

Lesley Gillespie entered 38 blooms in the Novice classes and won three 1st places, four 2nd, a 3rd, and an Honours Bloom Certificate with S.P.Dunn.

All are congratulated on achieving those very good results.                              

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