Western Bay of Plenty

Patron: Frank Robinson

Mrs Caroll Anderton

3 Magnolia Place

Te Puke. 3119

Phone 07 573 5749

Secretary/ Treasurer  Mrs Caroll Anderton

Bring friends. Support Raffles.

Where possible bring flowers for display.

For meetings to be held in member’s homes please take suitable footwear to change into when coming indoors after a garden tour. Members to contribute towards the cost of petrol if not travelling in their own car. Car pool when required.

2019 Programme

Friday 24 to Monday 26 August

         National Camellia Show and Convention

Sunday September 1

         Camellia Display and Public Vote

         Bob Owens Retirement Village- Bethlehem

Sunday 24 November

         Nourish Café 4 Te Puna Rd.

         Te Puna Quarry Gardens – Xmas Gift- Meeting

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