American Camellia Society Trophy

The Best Bloom of American Origin is awared this silver salver which was brought to New Zealand in 1976 by an American Tour Party led by Mr Milton Brown, Secretary of the American Camellia Society.
The previous trophy winners are

2018               Heather Elliot
2017               Harvey Howard
2016               Harvey Howard                                            Frank Houser Var
2015               E and P Darke                                              Black Magic
2014               Harvey and Dianne Howard                          Yours Truly
2013               Derek and Jenny Beard                                Frank Houser Var
2012               Derek and Jenny Beard                                Spring Daze
2011               Harvey and Dianne Howard                          Arcadia
2010               Harvey and Dianne Howard                          Frank Houser Var
2009               Derek and Jenny Beard                                Frank Houser Var
2008               Vonnie Cave                                                 Curtain Call
2007               Harvey and Dianne Howard                          Arcadia
2006               Rex and Nyrene McLeod                              Nuccio’s Ruby
2005               A D McGonagle                                             Arcadia
2004               Harvey and Dianne Howard                          Widfire
2003               Ron MacDonald                                            Dr Clifford Parks
2002               A D McGonagle                                            Dr Clifford Parks
2001               Annabel and Vince Neall                              Dr Clifford Parks
2000               Harvey and Dianne Howard                         Kramer’s Fluted Coral
1999               Harvey and Dianne Howard                         Dr Clifford Parks
1998               Bob and Raewyn Wilson                              Dr Clifford Parks
1997               Betty Lyon                                                    Emma Gaeta
1996               Annabel and Vince Neall                             Dr Clifford Parks
1995               Jewell Bristol                                               S P Dunn
1994               June Newson                                               Wildfire
1993               W and A Peters                                           S P Dunn
1992               Vonnie Cave                                                James McCoy
1991               Mr and Mrs L Turner                                    S P Dunn
1990               Vonnie Cave                                                James McCoy
1989               Mr and Mrs J Hansen                                  Pharaoh
1988               Mr and Mrs R Lauridsen                              Curtain Call
1987               Mr andMrs  R Clere                                      S P Dunn
1986               Mr and Mrs J Rolfe                                       Wildfire
1985               H and V Cave
1982               Mr and Mrs R Bambery                                Terrell Weaver
1980               Mr and Mrs J Hansen                                   Twilight
1979               H and V Cave                                               Lasca Beauty
1978               Mrs M Fogerty                                              Elegans Splendour
1977               N G Haydon

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