Durrant Trophy

The Best Yunnan Reticulata receives this trophy, a silver jug and tray. The coucil decided in 1976 that it would be an excellent idea tosolicit voluntary donations from the membership to procure a trophy to express appreciation of the work done over the years by Colonel and Mrs Durrant for camellias and for the society. It was thought fitting to do this while they were both active, and, in view of the contribution that they had made in the introduction of Yunnan reticulatas to the Western World and to identifying them, to apply the trophy to the Best Yunnan Reticulata.

The trophy has previously been awarded to

2018               Nyrene and Rex McLeod
2017               Kathryn Phillips
2016               Nyrene McLeod                               Purple Gown
2015               Margaret & Leo Mangos                  Cornelian
2014               Margaret & Leo Mangos                   Purple Gown
2013               Joan Dugmore-Steele                      Cornelian
2012               Neil Ingram                                       Crimson Robe
2011               Katharyn Phillips                               Pagoda
2010               Rex and Nyrene McLeod                  Purple Gown
2009               Neil Ingram                                       Crimson Robe
2008               Caroll Anderton                                Cornelian
2007               Harvey and Dianne Howard             Cornelian
2006               Roger Aitchison                                Saimudan
2005               Rex and Nyrene McLeod                  Purple Gown
2004               Ron MacDonald                                Purple Gown
2003               J and J Jardine                                 Chang’s Temple
2002               Harvey and Dianne Howard              Purple Gown
2001               Margaret and Leo Mangos                Purple Gown
2000               Caroll Anderton                                 Yinfen Mudan
1999               Harvey and Dianne Howard              Purple Gown
1998               Harvey and Dianne Howard              Purple Gown
1997               Alison Lennard                                  Cornelian
1996               Janet Rogers                                     Moutancha
1995               Jim and Dorothy Hansen                   Moutancha
1994               Vonnie Cave                                      Moutancha
1993               H and J Gaisford                                Cornelian
1992               Alison and Trevor Lennard                Yinfin Mudan
1991               Mr and Mrs J Hansen                        Moutancha
1990               Vonnie Cave                                      Purple Gown
1989               Mrs P Nelson                                     Moutancha
1988               H and V Cave                                     Purple Gown
1987               Mrs N Turner
1986               Mr and Mrs J Jardine                         Chrysanthemum Petal
1985               Mrs P Nelson                                     Moutancha
1984               Mr and Mrs G Wallis                          Crimson Robe
1983               Mrs M Fogarty                                    Purple Gown
1982               Mrs N Turner                                      Purple Gown
1981               Miss V Gamlin                                    Purple Gown
1980               Mr and Mrs J Jardine                         Chang’s Temple
1979               H and V Cave                                     Moutancha
1978               Mr and Mrs H Cave                            Purple Gown
1977               Mr and Mrs Coker

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