Corkill Memorial Trophy

A winning entry of Six Japonica Blooms takes the Corkill Trophy which was donated by Miss Olga Corkill in memory of her brother Mr Vic Corkill who died in 1980. He was a stalwart of the South Taranaki Branch and a Council member for many years and a keen exhibitor, particularly in Japonica classes.
The silver tray was first awarded in 1981.
The trophy has been awarded to 

2023 Kathy Phillips
2022 Derek and Jenny Beard
2021 Derek and Jenny Beard
2019 Tony Barnes and John Sole
2018 Tony Barnes and John Sole
2017 Derek and Jenny Beard
2016 Kerry and Alan Upson
2014 Neil Ingram
2013 Rita Verry
2012 Harvey and Dianne Howard
2011 Margaret and Leo Mangos
2010 Ailsa James
2009 Rodger Aitchison
2008 Andrew Iles
2007 Harvey and Dianne Howard
2006 Harvey and Dianne Howard
2005 Gary and Laurie Belfield
2004 Ailsa James
2003 Betty Lyon
2002 Ailsa James
2001 Pat and Ron MacDonald
2000 Andrew Iles
1999 Carolyn Chitty
1998 Elva and Davis Harwood
1997 Alision Lennard
1996 Nancy and Len Turner
1995 Harold and Anne Thomas
1994 Jordans Nursery
1993 H and J Gainsford
1992 A and E Gamlin
1991 Alison and Trevor Lennard
1990 Mrs E Gamlin
1989 Mrs E Gamlin
1988 Mr and Mrs L Turner
1987 Mr and Mrs J Hansen
1986 Mrs V Joyce
1985 H and V Cave
1984 H and V Cave
1983 Mrs R Mason
1981 Mr and Mrs Josephson

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