Moore Memorial Trophy

Owen and Jocelyn Moore's name is remembered with this trophy donated by Mrs Dawn Persson, a former secretary of our Society. Owen and Dawn's terms of office and President and Secretary overlapped for a year or wo, so Dawn got to know the Moores well. The trophy was given for "the Best Miniature in the Show".
The trophy was first awarded in 1997.

The trophy has previously been awarded to  

2023 Pauline Crowley-Zieltjes
2022 Robin Simmonds
2021 Tony Barnes and John Sole
2019 Tony Barnes and John Sole
2018 Neil Ingram
2017 Caroll Anderton
2016 Pat Flockhart
2015 H A Elliot
2014 H A Elliot Wilamina
2013 Stewart Levy Sweet Jane
2012 Harvey and Dianne Howard Lemon Drop
2011 Ailsa James Spring Daze
2010 Gary and Laurie Belfield Sir Victor Davies
2009 Glenys Hewetson Spring Festival
2008 George and Janice Burton Spring Festival
2007 Betty Julian
2006 Margaret and Leo Mangos Hishi Karaito
2005 Ron Macdonald Fircone
2004 June Newson Botan Yuki
2003 D and M Lalich Little Babe
2002 Pat Flockhart Mini Mint
2001 Neil Ingram Kitty
2000 Derek and Jenny Beard Black Opal
1999 J Madill Fircone
1998 Harvey and Dianne Howard Botan Yuki
1997 Carolyn Chitty Sweet Jane


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