Maureen and Roy Iles Memorial Trophy

The Iles Family has donated a trophy in memory of their parents who were keen gardeners with camellias featuring among the shrubs. Former President Andrew Iles was no doubt influenced by his parent's love of flowers. The trophy will be competed for the first time in 2007 in the class for "Japonicas, Three Blooms same variety".
The trophy has been awarded to

2018               Deerek and Jenny Beard                                 Black Magic
2017               Kathryn Phillips
2016               Tony Barnes and John Sole                             Easter Morn
2015               Tony Barnes and John Sole                             Easter Morn
2014               Neil Ingram                                                       Kathryn Funari
2013               Derek and Jenny Beard                                    Margaret Davis
2012               Harvey and Dianne Howard                             Royal Velvet
2011               Katharyn Phillips                                              Roger Hall
2010               Jocelyn Grant                                                  Roger Hall
2009               Betty and Bert Boswell                                    Yours Truly
2008               June Newson                                                   Elegans Champagne
2007               Harvey and Dianne Howard                             Tiffany

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