Doak Memorial Trophy

Following Dr Brian Doak's Death in 1974, his wife , Mrs Phil Doak presented this trophy in his memory. As a foundation member and officer of the Society he was also much respected as a significant hybridizer, being one of the first to cross the species Camellia saluensis with Camellia reticulata. The trophy is awarded to the best bloom in the class for Doak hybrids.

The trophy has previously been awarded to 

2018               Neil Ingram
2017               Tony Barnes and John Sole
2016               Tony Barnes and John Sole              Fair Lass
2015               Tony Barnes and John Sole
2014               Tony Barnes and John Sole              Fair Lass
2013               Jenny Aitken                                      Barbara Clark
2012               Pam and Brian Hartley                      Brian
2011               Elizabeth and Peter Darke                Barbara Clark
2010               Tony Barnes and John Sole              Barbara Clark
2009               Tony Barnes and John Sole              Barbara Clark
2008               Tony Barnes and John Sole              Fair Lass
2007               Tony Barnes and John Sole              Fair Lass
2006               Betty Julian                                                   
2005               Carolyn Chitty                                   Barbara Clark
2004               Carolyn Chitty                                   Barbara Clark
2003               Carolyn Chitty                                   Brian
2002               Annabel and Vince Neall                  Brian
2001               Carolyn Chitty                                   Barbara Clark
2000               Carolyn Chitty                                   Barbara Clark
1999               Carolyn Chitty                                   Barbara Clark
1998               Gary and Laurie Belfield                   Brian
1997               J and J Jardine                                 Brian
1996               Annabell and Vince Neall
1995               Richard and Jean Clere                    Phil Doak
1994               Malcolm Browne                               Barbara Clark
1993               Jenny Jackson                                  Fair Lass
1992               J and R Clere                                    Phyl Doak
1991               Mrs L Chamley                                  Brian
1990               Mr and Mrs P Pearson                      Barbara Clark
1989               Mr and Mrs R Clere                           Phyl Doak
1988               Mr and Mrs W Peters                        Barbara Clark
1987              Mr and Mrs J N Rolfe
1986               Mrs A Wilson                                     Phyl Doak
1985              Mr and Mrs R H Clere
1984               Mr and Mrs J Hansen                        Phyl Doak
1983               Mr and Mrs R Clere                           Phyl Doak
1982               Mrs D Abraham                                 Brian
1981               Mr and Mrs R Clere                           Phyl Doak

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