Harold Austin Trophy

The North Taranaki Branch of the NZCS donated this trophy in memory of their 'Mr Camellia' who was Branch Chairman for 15 years  and the keenest enthusiast for growing camellias that one could find, supporting his wife in her many years of work for the Branch and Society.
It is competed for annually for the The Best Small Bloom" from 1990.

The trophy previously awarded to 

2018               Nyrene and Rex McLeod
2017               Ailsa James
2016               Pat Flockhart
2015               Tony Barnes and John Sole
2014               Vonnie Cave                                       Lemon Drop
2013               Jill Gray                                               Little Michael
2012               Derek and Jenny Beard                      Spring Daze
2011               Jim and Ivy Urlich                               Wildfire
2010               Jocelyn Grant                                     Roger Hall
2009               Gary and Laurie Belfield                    Tiptoe
2008               Lyn Profitt                                          Adorable
2007               Rodger Aitchison                               Katherine Nuccio
2006               June Newson                                     Buttons n Bows
2005               Caroll Anderton                                  Mahogany Glow
2004               Andrew Iles                                        Spring Daze
2003               Margaret and Leo Mangos                 Liz Carter
2002               Rodger Aitchison                               Liz Carter
2001               Pat Flockhart                                     Adorable
2000               Andrew Iles                                        Buttons n Bows
1999               Rodger Aitchison                               Virginia Franco Rosea
1998               Janet Rogers                                      Night Rider
1997               Alison Lennard                                   Nick Carter
1996               Tony Barnes and John Sole              Sir Victor Davies
1995               Tony Barnes and John Sole              Tom Thumb
1994               Jewell Bristol                                      Powder Puff
1993               J L Warsaw                                        Tada Meiba
1992               Alison and Trevor Lennard                Alisha Carter
1991               Jewel Bristol                                      Tammia
1990               Mr and Mrs W Peters                        Dolly Dyer


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