Greenworld Garden Centres

The Greenworld Garden Centres trophy s for a container grown camellia
The previous winners of this trophy have been 

2018            Robyn Tillman
2017            No Award
2016             Ros May
2015             Ray and Blanche Lauridsen
2014             Jenny McKenzie
2013             Ros May
2012             Annabel and Vince Neall
2007 to 2011 No Award
2006             Neil Ingram
2005             No Award
2004             Dianne Wardlaw
2001 to 2003 No Award
2000             I N and L I Wills
1999             I N and L I Wills
1998             Jordan Family
1997             I N and L I Wills
1996             I N and L I Wills
1995             Mr and Mrs N C Seymour
1994             Jordans Nursery
1993             Vonnie Cave
1992             Mr and Mrs C R Whittle
1991             Mr and Mrs C R Whittle

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