Rayner Memorial Trophy

The Best White Bloom is awarded this trophy, a tray, presented by the South Taranaki Branch in memory of the late Ben Rayner who died suddenly in May, 1976. It was frist competed for in the same year and was originally  for the Best White bloom over he whole show, but is now applied to the winner of a special class for white blooms. Ben Rayner of Cardiff, near Stratford, was a camellia personality and enthusiast extraordinary. He sought after and gradually built up one of the most extensive collectios of camellias anywhere. He visited America, had many contacts overseas and extended his plantings over several acres of the farm. The Saluensis hybrid 'Wynne Rayner', named for his wife, was one of the best of the camellias he raised.

The previous trophy winners:

2018               Rita Verry
2017               Harvey Howard
2016               Kerry and Alan Upson                                  Elegans Champagne
2015               Pat Flockhart
2014               Vivienne Thomas                                          Silver Star
2013               Rodger Aitchison                                          Fimbriata
2012               Harvey and Dianne Howard                         Silver Chalice
2011               Harvey and Dianne Howard                         Dr Colin Crisp
2010               June Newson                                               Elegans Champagne
2009               Harvey and Dianne Howard                         Ruffian
2008               June Newson                                               Elegans Champagne
2007               Harvey and Dianne Howard                         Swan Lake
2006               June Newson                                               Avalanche
2005               Harvey and Dianne Howard                         Ruffian
2004               Derek and Jenny Beard                               Lemon Drop
2003               Helen Guthrie                                               Onetia Holland
2002               June Newson                                               Elegans Champagne
2001               Andrew Iles                                                  Fimbriata
2000               Rodger Aitchison                                         Super Star
1999               Roan and Pat MacDonald                           Ruffian
1998               Dunedin Botanic Garden                             Coronation
1997               Janet Rogers                                               Lovelight
1996               Heather Elliot                                               Mrs Charles Simmonds
1995               Janet Rogers                                               Swan Lake
1994               June Newson                                               Super Star
1993               Vonnie Cave                                                Silver Chalice
1992               J and R Clere                                               Lily Pons
1991               Rod and Val Bieleski                                   Elegans Champagne
1990               Janet Rogers                                               Lovelight
1989               Mr and Mrs J Hansen                                  Silver Chalice
1988               Mr and Mrs R Lauridsen                              Elegans Champagne
1987               Mr and Mrs A Elliott                                     Elegans Champagne
1986               Mr and Mrs R Bambery
1985               H and V Cave
1984               Mr and Mrs R Bambery                               Elegans Champagne
1983               Mr and Mrs G Wallis                                    Silver Chalice
1982               Mr and Mrs R Bambery                               Elegans Champagne
1981               Mrs W A Josephson                                    K Sawada
1980               Mr and Mrs R Bambery                               Ragland Supreme
1979               P Drury                                                        Fimbriata
1978               Mrs N Turner                                               Coronation
1977               Mr and Mrs J Hansen                                              
1976               Mrs I Blumhardt                                           Nuccio’s Gem

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