New Zealand Camellia Show has a number of trophies that are presented at the conclusion of the National Camellia Show.

The Trophies are 
Bethwaite Memorial Trophy for the Champion Bloom of the Show
Roland Young Memorial Trophy for the Best Reticulata Bloom of the Show
Council Trophy for the Best Hybrid Bloom of the Show
McLisky Trophy for the Best Japonica Bloom of the Show
Harold Austin Memorial Trophy for Best Small Bloom of the Show
Moore Memorial Trophy Best Miniature Bloom
Clere Memorial Trophy for One Miniature Bloom any Species or Variety
Iris Gittings Trophy for the Best Novice Bloom
Founders Trophy for One Bloom Introduced to NZ before 1910
Rayner Memorial Trophy for One White Bloom
Doak Memorial Trophy for One Doak Hybrid Bloom
Edith Mazzei Trophy One Bloom of NZ Origin
American Camellia Society Trophy for One Bloom of American Origin
Colin Elliot Trophy for One Bloom of Australian Origin
Durrant Trophy for One Yunnan Reticulata
Maire Trophy for the Best Seedling Bloom
Clark Cup for One Japonica Seedling bloom
Clark Cup for One Reticulata Seedling Bloom
Duncan and Davies Trophy Three Blooms Different of NZ Origin
Australian Rhea Egg Trophy for Three blooms Different of Australian Origin
B & J Warsaw Trophy for Three Hybrid Blooms Different Varieties Miniature or Small
Les Jury Memorial Trophy for Three Hybrid Blooms Different Varieties
Os Blumhart Memorial Trophy for Three Hybrid Blooms of the Same Variety
Boon Trophy for Three Japonica Blooms of Different Varieties
Maureen & Roy Iles Memorial Trophy  for Three Japonica Blooms of the Same Variety
Corkill Trophy for Six Japonica Blooms of Different Varieties
Les and Ida Berg Trophy for Six Reticulata Blooms of Different Varieties
Sir Victor & Lady Davies Trophy for Six Hybrid Blooms of Different Varieties
H & V Cave Trophy for Twelve Blooms Different, Miniature or Small Any Species or Variety
Greenworld Garden Centre Trophy for a Container Grown Camellia
Des and Joyce Crowley Trophy for Three Different Reticulatas

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