Iris Gittings Trophy

A Wellington Branch member of the NZCS, Iris was one of those energetic old style gardeners, and with her husband Ken, kept a large garden which included camellias and other well grown shrubs and perennials and of course, a very good vegetable garden. When help was needed at the local branch she was always there. She left a bequest to our society and it was fitting that a trophy was purchased in her name and awarded for "The Best Bloom in the Novice Classes". It was first awarded in 1994.

The trophy has previously been awarded to

2023 Tony Zieltjes
2022 Waipahihi Botanical Reserve
2021 Carol Shaw
2019 Margaret Monks
2018 Alan Inch
2017 David and Sandra Smith
2016 Violet Foreshaw    Margaret Hilford
2015 Alan Inch
2014 Mary Layton
2013 Terry Corbett Roger Hall
2012 Elizabeth Griffin
2011 Jim and Ivy Urlich Wildfire
2010 Margaret Selves Elegans Supreme
2009 Barbara Parker
2008 Bev Makatea Hana Fuki
2007 Pollard Park Nuccio’s Ruby
2006 Valerie Tyssen Pink Perfection
2005 Harry and Mavis Wright Night Rider
2004 Allan and Doris Skilton Jury’s Yellow
2003 Ivy Helen Bird Dr Clifford Parks
2002 Nyrene Charles
2001 Leonie Forster Margaret Davis
2000 Cathy Groves Royal Velvet
1999 Janet Pike Lemon Drop
1998 Jim and Joyce Jackson Firedance
1997 Carolyn Chitty Moonlight Bay
1996 Tony Barnes and John Sole Tom Thumb
1995 Tony Barnes and John Sole Tom Thumb
1994 Lorraine Walter Margaret Davis
1993 Nadine Thomas


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