Les Jury Memorial Trophy

The North Taranaki Branch presented this trophy in memory of Les Jury who was one of the most prolific camellia breeders in New Zealand, particularly in the field of C.Saluenesis hybrids.
The trophy is competed for "Hybrids, three Blooms Different Varieties. It was first presented in 1997.

The Trophy has previously been awarded to

2018              Derek and Jenny Beard
2017              Kerry and Alan Upson
2016               Tony Barnes and John Sole
2015               Neil Ingram
2014               Tony Barnes & John Sole
2013               Neville Haydon
2012               Tony Barnes and John Sole
2011               Bernie and Claire Stevenson
2010               Harvey and Dianne Howard
2009               Gary and Laurie Belfield
2008               Rodger Aitchison
2007               A D McGonagle
2006               Harvey and Dianne Howard
2005               Sue Owen
2004               Andrew Iles
2003               Frank and Bev Robinson
2002               Harvey and Dianne Howard
2001               M Rolston
2000               Janet Rogers
1999               Janet Rogers
1998               Gary and Laurie Belfield
1997               Rod and Val Bielseki
1996               Mrs J A Rogers
1995               June Newson
1994               Jordans Nursery
1993               Mrs Jewell Bristol
1992               Maurice Rolston
1991               Mrs J A Rogers
1990               Mr and Mrs T Lennard
1989               Mrs P Flockhart
1988               Vivienne Joyce
1987               Jordans Nursery
1986               Mr and Mrs T W Price
1985               Mr and Mrs R H Clere
1984               Mr and Mrs R J Macdonald


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