McLisky Memorial Trophy

This tray, awarded for the Best Japonica Bloom, was donated by the late Mrs R T McLisky in memory of her son Mr Roydon McLisky, Titirangi, Auckalnd, who died in 1963. It was first completed for in 1964. The McLiskys had a fine garedn at Titirangi and worked hard for the society and for Eden Garden. 'Letitia Mac' was named after her by Mr Jack Clark.
The trophy winners are

2018               Kerry and Alan Upson
2017               Kerry and Alan Upson
2016               Kerry and Alan Upson                        Black Magic
2015               E and P Darke                                   Black Magic
2014               Harvey and Dianne Howard                Nuccio’s Carousel
2013               Derek and Jenny Beard                      Mark Alan
2012               Harvey and Dianne Howard                Yours Truly
2011               Reynolds Family                                Margaret Davis
2010               Jocelyn Grant                                    Roger Hall
2009               Harvey and Dianne Howard                Ruffian
2008               Lyn Profitt                                         Royal Velvet
2007               Red McGonagle                                 Eleanor Martin Supreme
2006               Harvey and Dianne Howard                Nuccio’s Carousel
2005               Harvey and Dianne Howard                Betty’s Beauty
2004               Harvey and Dianne Howard                Yours Truly
2003               Margaret and Leo Mangos                  Liz Carter
2002               Harvey and Dianne Howard                Royal Velvet
2001               Pat and Ron Macdonald                      Nuccio’s Carousel
2000               Cathy Groves                                    Royal Velvet
1999               Alison Lennard                                  Feathery Touch
1998               Harvey and Dianne Howard                Wildfire
1997               June Newson                                    Elegans Champagne
1996               Pat and Ron MacDonald                     Kathryn Funari
1995               Ian and Lesley Wills                          Elegans Champagne
1994               Harvey and Dianne Howard               China Doll
1993               L and N Turner                                 Twilight
1992               Vivienne Thomas                              Wildfire
1991               Mr and Mrs S Duxfield                       Kathryn Funari
1990               Mr and Mrs R Hannam                       Elegans Supreme
1989               Mr and Mrs P Irwin                            Wildfire
1988               Mr and Mrs R Bischoff                        Twilight
1987               Mr and Mrs A Elliott                           Elegans Champagne
1986               Mrs N Turner                                     Desire
1985               Mrs N Turner                                     Twilight
1984               Mrs J Rogers                                     Nuccio’s Jewel
1983               Mr and Mrs A Elliot                            Clark Hubbs
1982               Mr R Roberts                                     Easter Morn
1981               Mr and Mrs J N Rolfe                         Wildfire
1980               Mr and Mrs J Hansen                         Twilight
1979               T and A Lennard                                Clark Hubbs
1978               Mr and Mrs Moore                              Dixie Knight Supreme
1977               Mr and Mrs A Elliot                            Grand Slam
1976               Mr and Mrs R J Macdonald                  Tiffany
1975               B J Rayner                                         Mrs D W Davis
1974               Mrs H B Cave                                    Midnight
1973               Mrs K M Jones                                   Elegans Supreme
1972               W L Prentice                                      Guest of Honor
1971               Mr and Mrs R Shaw                            Mrs D W Davis
1970               C R Spicer                                         Elegans Supreme
1969               Mrs N Collins                                     R L Wheeler
1968               R R Young                                         Mrs D W Davis
1967               No Award
1966               Miss P M Bates                                   Guest of Honor
1965               Mr C R Spicer                                     Guillio Nuccio
1964               Mrs Jean Clark                                   Red Ensign


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