B & J Warsaw Trophy

Joe Warsaw, great enthusiast for miniature camellia blooms and Society Secretary for some years, included his wife Bernice's initial on the trophy since she was a great supporter of the camellia scene. The class for the Warsaw Trophy is for "Hybrids, Three blooms Different Varieties, Miniature or Small".
It was first awarded in 1998.

The trophy has previously been awarded to

2023 Derek and Jenny Beard
2022Jane Shanks
2021 Derek and Jenny Beard
2019 Ailsa James
2018 Derek and Jenny Beard
2017 Derek and Jenny Beard
2016 Tony Barnes and John Sole
2015 Bev Worthington
2014 Colleen Ross
2013 Derek and Jenny Beard
2012 Derek and Jenny Beard
2011 Jill Gray
2010 Pat Flockhart
2009 Tony Barnes and John Sole
2008 Neville Haydon
2007 Garrie and Laurie Belfield
2006 No Award
2005 Gary and Laurie Belfield
2004 Gary and Laurie Belfield
2003 Gary and Laurie Belfield
2002 Janet Rogers
2001 I and L Wills
2000 Gary and Laurie Belfield
1999 Gary and Laurie Belfield
1998  Bob and Raewyn Wilson

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