Edith Mazzei Trophy

This tray is awarded for the Best Bloom of New Zealand Origin.
It was donated by Mrs Edith Mazzei of California who was a New Plymouth girl who married an American and became an AMerican Citizen. She is a camellia Enthuiast and judge and regularly visited the country. She has been present at a number if camellia shows in NZ and seen the trophy, presented in 1976, won by some of the following : 'Dreamboat', 'Jean Clere', and 'In the Purple'.

The trophy has previously been awarded to

2018               Derek and Jenny Beard
2017               Harvey Howard
2016               Harvey Howard                                Anna Louise Howard
2015               Heather Elliott
2014               Harvey and Dianne Howard              Sleeping Beauty
2013               Claire and Bernie Stevenson             Peggy Burton
2012               Harvey and Dianne Howard 
2011               Joan Dugmore-Steele                       Sleeping Beauty
2010               Harvey and Dianne Howard              Sleeping Beauty
2009               Harvey and Dianne Howard              Dr Colin Crisp
2008               Harvey and Dianne Howard              Dr Colin Crisp
2007               Margaret & Leo Mangos                    Sleeping Beauty
2006               Ian and Leslie Wills                           Patricia Bates
2005               A D McGonagle                                 Bett’s Supreme
2004               Andrew Iles                                       Alfons
2003               Ian and Leslie Wills                           Patricia Bates
2002               J and j Hindmarsh                             Margaret Hilford
2001               J and J Hindmarsh                            Margaret Hilford
2000               Margaret and Leo Mangos                Raspberry Glow
1999               Rodger Aitchison                               Superstar
1998               Bob and Raewyn Wilson                   Nonie Haydon
1997               K and B Williams                               Dreamboat
1996               Tony Barnes and John Sole              Sir Victor Davies       
1995               Rod and Val Bieleski                         Raspberry Glow
1994               Gary and Laurie Belfield                   Jubilation
1993               J Waterrus                                        Nicky Crisp
1992               L Kiely and G Belfield                       Mimosa Jury
1991               Jewel Bristol                                     Mona Jury
1990               Mr and Mrs R Clere                          Nicky Crisp
1989               Mr and Mrs M Roulston                    Margaret Hilford
1988              Mr and Mrs R H Clere
1987               Mr and Mrs P Pearson                      Mona Jury     
1986               Mr and Mrs H Austin                         Jubilation
1985               Mr and Mra R Clere                           Nicky Crisp
1984               Mr and Mrs J Rolfe                            Patricia Coull
1983               Dr D McIlroy                                      Lisa Gael
1982               Mr R Roberts                                     Anticipation
1981               Miss J Farmer
1980               Mr and Mrs H Cave                           Jean Clere
1979               L and I Berg                                       Dreamboat
1978               Mr and Mrs H Cave                           Lisa Gael

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