Australian Rhea Egg

The President of the Australian Camellia Research Society presented this trophy to the NZ Camellia Society which to use it for a class of Three Blooms of Australian Raised Blooms. The trophy is an open Rhea egg with a porcelain camellia insiide it. It was first awarded in 1989.

The trophy has previously been awarded to

2018               Derek and Jenny Beard
2017               Derek and Jenny Beard
2016               Derek and Jenny Beard
2015               Garrie and Laurie Belfield
2014               Pat Flockhart                        
2013               Derek and Jenny Beard
2012               Derek and Jenny Beard
2011               Harvey and Dianne Howard
2010               Not Awarded
2009               Derek and Jenny Beard
2008               Derek and Jenny Beard
2007               Red McGonagle                                 
2006               Rita Verry
2005               Garrie and Laurie Belfield
2004               Andrew Iles
2003               D and M Lalich
2002               J and J Jardine
2001               Blanche and Ray Lauridsen
2000               Elva Harwood
1999               Elva Harwood
1998               Elva and David Harwood    
1997               Blanche and Ray Lauridsen
1996               Peter and Anne Mathews
1995               David and Elva Harwood
1994               Elva Harwood
1993               Elva Harwood
1992               P and A Matthews
1991               Mr and Mrs R MacDonald
1990               Mr and Mrs R MacDonald
1989               Blanche and Ray Lauridsen

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