Clere Memorial Trophy

This trophy was given for the Best Miniature Bloom. It is a silver water jug and was donated by Mr Richard Clere and his brother Colin in memory of their parents, Mr Eric and Mrs Florence Clere who died in 1976. It was first competed for in 1977.
The trophy has previously been awarded to

2023 Heather Elliot
2022 Tony Barnes and John Sole
2021 Pat Flockhart
2019 Tony Barnes and John Sole
2018 Heather Elliot
2017 Tony Barnes and John Sole
2016 Sandra Taylor
2015 H A Elliot
2014 H A Elliot Wilamina
2013 Rodger Aitchison Spring Festival
2012 Rodger Aitchison Spring Festival
2011 Heather Elliot Burgundy Gem
2010 Heather Elliot Cottontail
2009 Heather Elliot Botan Yuki
2008 Colleen Ross Night Rider
2007 Rodger Aitchison Spring Festival
2006 Rodger Aitchison Spring Festival
2005 Tony Barnes and John Sole Burgundy Gem
2004 No Award
2003 Harvey and Dianne Howard Botan Yuki
2002 S Sinclair Botan Yuki
2001 Harvey and Dianne Howard Lemon Drop
2000 Rodger Aitchison Night Rider
1999 J Currie Mansize
1998 Gary and Laurie Belfield Night Rider
1997 Jo Currie Lemon Drop
1996 Rod and Vale Bieleski Pride of California
1995 Frank and Bev Robinson Little Slam
1994 Jordan’s Nursery Little Michael
1993 Mr and Mrs J Hansen Little Michael
1992 J and R Clere Botan yuki
1991 Mrs Alison Simmonds Mansize
1990 Mr and Mrs D Crowley Mini Pink
1989 Mr and Mrs D Crowley Night Rider
1988 Mrs P Nelson Grace Albritton
1987 Mr and Mrs T Armstrong Prudence
1986 J and J Jardine
1985 K and P Pearson
1984 H and V Cave
1983 N T and L A Armstrong
1982 T and A Lennard
1981 O G and J Moore
1980 D J and L Clemens Botan Yuki
1979 B and J Bischoff Wilamina
1978 Mr and Mrs J Warsaw Wilamina
1977 O G amd J Moore

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