The Founders Trophy

A trophy given by Dr R and Mrs V Bieleski for One Bloom of a vriety introduced to New Zeland before 1910, bringing an interesting group of old camellias to the fore.
It was first awarded in 1987.

The trophy has been awarded to

2018               Nyrene and Rex McLeod
2017               Neil Ingram
2016               Pat Flockhart                                    Virginia Franco Rosea
2015               Pat Flockhart
2014               Marie Baggett                                   Lady Loch
2013               Caroll Anderton                                 Virginia Franco Rosea
2012               Ray and Blanche Lauridsen                 Mathotiana
2011               Caroll Anderton                                 Virginia Franco Rosea
2010               Pat Flockhart                                     Virginia Franco Rosea
2009               Harvey and Dianne Howard                Aspasia McArthur
2008               Rodger Aitchison                               Madam Picouline
2007               A D McGonagle                                  James Lockington
2006               Betty Julian                                       Virginia Franco Rosea
2005               Rex and Nyrene McLeod                     Lady Loch
2004               Des and Marion Lalich                        Helenor
2003               Frank and Bev Robinson                     Lavinia Maggi
2002               Betty Julian                                       Virginia Franco Rosea
2001               Richard Clere                                     Cambridge Red
2000               Shirley Kilgour                                   Alba Plena
1999               Rodger Aitchison                                Virginia Franco Rosea
1998               Janet Rogers                                      Virginia Franco Rosea
1997               Derek and Jenny Beard                       Emperor of Russia Var
1996               Derek and Jenny Beard                       Great Eastern
1995               Nyrene McLeod                                   William Bull
1994               Janet Rogers                                      Virginia Franco Rosea
1993               J and D Gavin                                     James Lockington
1992               D and J Hansen                                  Grand Sultan
1991               Gary Belfield and Laurie Kiely            Otahuhu Beauty
1990               Mr and Mrs R Hannam                       Anemoniflora
1989               Mr and Mrs R Hannam                       Great Eastern
1988               H and V Cave
1987               Mr and Mrs R Hannam                       Anemoniflora

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