Maire Trophy

The seedling classes benefit from this trophy donated by Mrs Val Bieleski for "The Best Seedling Bloom".
Previously the two classes each competed for a Clark Cup, but there was no overall trophy for the best seedling overall.
It was first awarded in 2001.

The trophy has previously been awarded to 

2023 Tony Zieltjes
2022 Tony Zieltjes
2021 Kathy Phillips
2019 Caroll Anderton
2018 Neil Ingram
2017 Neil Ingram
2016 Dave and Robyn Boswell
2015 Vince Neall
2014 Caroll Anderton
2013 Neville Haydon
2012 Neil Ingram
2011 Neville Haydon
2010 Caroll Anderton
2009 Neville Haydon
2008 Neville Haydon
2007 Neville Haydon
2006 Alf Gamlin
2005 Caroll Anderton
2004 Neville Haydon
2003 Ian and Leslie Wills & Neville Haydon
2002 J Searing
2001               Neville Haydon

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